I woke up in a white room, with open windows to sounds of the sea. At that exact moment, I could not have named these things, “windows”, “sea”, as I could barely comprehend words nor any of my consciousness. On a table beside the bed lay a card reading “Your name is Celise”.

My mind slowly reformed over countless days whilst the sun arced across the rooms of the house, and the house in its own way cared for me. Windows adjusted themselves, lights came on, surfaces were kept clean.

As I lay there, I slowly came out of my…

Photo by BRUNO DIAS on Unsplash

We’re on the cusp of the total intelligence in the world rapidly increasing. With both the proliferation of deep learning and AGI on the horizon, the world may begin to change much faster than it does today.

How will humans cope with this?

Things may change

There are two main effects of artificial intelligence: more intelligent agents in the world, and agents with super-human capabilities. Both of these will contribute to increasing the rate of change, the super-human agents moreso.

As an example, imagine if some possible future technologies were to come much quicker: you wake up, plentiful fusion power comes online at…

The road softly reflects in the windshield against the uncrossing eyes of Dan and Cynthia, as the dusty scrub hills buffet the car. Cynthia’s stare was harsh and strained, her forehead holding her frustrations like a knot she could not break. Dan watched the passing signs.

In a different car, Dan drives alone, his dog curled on the passenger seat, and as he leaves the hills for the saline basin the sun departs and only the sodium glare of highway lights remain. …

(NSFW filthy zombie erotica)

Awesome artwork by Paulo

Cindy walked through the diner, her hair golden in the morning light. She licked a little blood off the corner of her mouth and pulled a pad from her apron.

“What’s a nice city-man like you doing in a two-bit diner like this?”

Jason’s eyes twinkled as he flashed Cindy a grin, his rugged jawline slightly dislocated. “I’m just passing through, a bit of work, a bit of…” he mimed biting into a jugular vein and Cindy smirked.

Jason stirred his coffee with a finger that had just dropped off and the two held a long glance.

The room around…

The eve of summer was upon us. I had watched the long amber slivers of sun cut through the meadow a thousand times, I had greeted the stellar jays with all the turmoil of my mornings. The plants came, and blossomed into their late summer forms, dried and stood their last ground before succumbing to the seasons; in short I was happy with it all.

The puppy knew only the peace of that summer, the family all stuck at home to entertain it. The puppy watched the snows thaw from its tiny cot, then stepped out into the world as…

Tales of love, joy and loss between men

Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran

Philipe walked out onto the Castro sidewalk, and was instantly drenched in late-summer San Franciscan sun. The air buzzed around him as he moved through the lingering throngs of pedestrians. He entered the café around the corner and walked up to a tattooed barista. He goes to speak, but realizes there’s no urgency, no gap to fill. Instead, he just looks. The barista hands him an espresso shot, he holds it in his hands, and feels the warmth, “I moved from Kentucky, just last week, to an apartment here, on the corner; I moved because the life I thought I…

A short gothic tale

It was a dark and stormy night, on the final season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Netflix. Sophia sat in her pyjamas, the last fifteen episodes a thrilling blur in her mind. She looked distantly out the window, and realized she’d no idea what day or even time it was.

The markers by which Sophia used to measure her life had all disappeared: morning lectures, weekend soccer practice, Saturday night binge-drinking; in the stroke of a week her life went from busily preparing for her final year exams to a single-female version of the Shining…

The grindr logo actually has no mouth or nose so I guess it’s safe?

Being locked up at home is tough. Particularly if your go-to Tuesday night activity is getting fucked senseless by a stranger. Whilst there’s a deluge of new guides about how to home-school your kids and make Zoom meetings more fun, heres the guide that actually matters.

Tip 1: Up your sexting tools

Aka the gay erotic absurdist fiction your life is missing.

You can buy it! Yes it’s real!!

“Bzzzzzzzt”. My bleary eyes just pick out 4:00 AM on the alarm-clock beside me and I roll onto my side in protest. Feeling the motivation to rise draining inside me, I reach down to feel my hard abs, then trace a finger over my cute spherical butt. “This. body. is. worth. it.” I repeat to myself. I slide on my tank top and roll out of bed.

The streets of Austin are empty; It’s a holiday weekend and everyone has taken air-trains to far-flung resorts. A gentle May-breeze blows through Downtown cooling my face.

I stroll into Gold’s Robo-Gym, passing…

[or, how one winters evening I found the cannon of philosophy lacking in what we really need]

This holiday season, I settled down to Alain de Botton’s Consolations Of Philosophy. It is a neat survey of what practical advice an array of philosophers offer on being happy. For example, what Socrates has to say about bad news (“Drink the hemlock with a smile”) and what Montaigne has to say about sexual inadequacy (“It’s fine, you’ll have an erection some other time”). I’ve always appreciated Alain’s straightforwardness, and he brings this to the writings of other philosophers too.

I’ve grown up in the late intellectual tradition he himself, and his writers, were part of. Both our words and…

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